About Me

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my blog!

I created this blog a year ago based on what I personally like to read and look at (yes, I know we all skip the writing just to look at the photos sometimes!). 

Expect fashion and personal style posts, restaurant reviews and recipes, lifestyle posts of me gallivanting around with friends, and travelling the world.

I post regular outfit posts so you can get an insight into my everyday style. The 'Shop' tab in the navigation bar means I go shopping for you. No sore feet, no aching arms from carrying all those bags, and most importantly no overheating in ridiculously hot changing rooms!

I scour the web to find the hottest buys so you don't have to. Simply have a browse through the page and click through to buy the item. You can alternatively use the 'Shop' page purely for inspiration so you know what shops to head to when you're next out shopping.

I also make weekly videos on my YouTube channel, Niomi Smart. These range from Lookbooks, Healthy Recipes, DIY ideas, and the occasional collaboration with other Youtubers. You'll find these in the 'Videos' tab in the navigation bar on the Home page of this blog.

I hope you enjoy your time here browsing and snooping around! Be sure to check back  again soon.

Much love,