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Living Consciously

This contains a paid for advertorial in collaboration with bareMinerals.

In a personal effort to live more consciously, I wanted to provide you with the key adjustments that I have made that have helped me become more aware of my life and the world around me.

First of all, what is living consciously? To me, it is all about gaining awareness of yourself, those around you, and the planet we live on. When we open our eyes and our minds to the world, we can take control and make small changes to improve ourselves to make us the best versions we can be, and make improvements to our daily habits to help the environment.

Opening our minds up to this will enable us to act with care and love, both of which the planet could use right now!

Living consciously is not an easy task. It will take time to adjust to the changes you make, but they will soon become second nature and part of your lifestyle. Hopefully my advice below will help you with your journey towards ‘Living Consciously’.

Eco-Friendly Items

One of the first changes I made to my lifestyle to become more sustainable, was to carry around a reusable coffee cup in an effort to reduce my plastic consumption. I’m sure you have heard this one time and time again, but when you think about the amount of waste you will be reducing (and money saving!), it is well worth carrying one of these around with you.

It has been reported 7 million cups are thrown away everyday – and that’s in the UK alone. Despite many people recycling their cups, most of these still end up on landfill due to the plastic lining in the cup. There are plenty of reusable coffee cups on the market, and most coffee shops offer a discount if you use one. I take mine around with me everywhere for matcha lattes, flat whites, and even smoothies.

The same goes for water bottles and straws. My advice would be to refuse straws wherever possible, and you can even buy your own eco-friendly metal straw that you can take out and about with you or use at home. For water throughout the day, it’s all about being mindful to carry your own bottle with you to fill up. This is a habit that will soon become part of your daily routine, which is why I included the reusable water bottle in my own product range at boots this year.

Natural Beauty Products 

I have made a conscious decision to minimise the use of toxic products in my beauty routine. Natural beauty products have come a long way over the past few years, and I love how many brands have produced natural products that are high performance.

One of my favourite products is the bareMinerals Original Foundation. This is a great example of clean beauty with its five mineral ingredient formula, and it is 100% vegan. It is buildable, lasts all day, and delivers high performance with a natural glow so you can be ‘Clean Without Compromise’. There are also over 30 shades to choose from.

I have also been using the Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Rose, which is perfect for everyday wear, and the Gen Nude Powder Blush in Call My Blush for a pretty touch of pink to my cheeks. All bareMinerals products are 100% cruelty free.


I would so often find myself in a tricky situation where I was out and needed to buy some food on my way home, but I would only have a small crossbody bag on me. I would have to juggle my fruit and veg all the way home because I was so determined not to use a plastic bag! I have learnt from my mistakes and I now rarely leave the house during the day without a tote bag slung over my shoulder, especially at the weekends where I love to stop by a farmers’ market. I recently discovered the brand Wyatt and Jack that create tote bags out of recycled bouncy castles and deck chairs!

I would encourage anyone to get into the habit of buying package-free food wherever possible. Farmers’ markets are great for this, you just need to plan your shops to be every weekend when the markets pop up in local community areas. If you find this inconvenient every week, find local grocery stores and supermarkets that sell their produce loose.

I have also become very aware of food waste. This is a huge problem around the world, including the UK, where an excessive amount of food is thrown away every day. I do all I can to minimise the food waste at home by only buying food that I know we need, and then cooking meals in big batches so we use everything up, and have leftovers for the next day.

Also bear in mind some things that we may be used to throwing away may actually be edible. For example, when cooking with butternut squash, save the seeds and let them dry out for 48 hours. You can then slow roast them with some salt, and you have yourself a healthy, delicious snack! Here is my Roasted Squash Recipe with Kale and Chickpeas.


There are a few things at home that I do to create a calming environment. I believe it’s important to feel relaxed as soon as you step through your front door at the end of the day, and making these small changes can make all the difference.

I was recently given a pink Himalayan salt lamp by my mum. These are lamps carved out of rocks of pink salt, and can be either electric or lit by a candle. They are believed to purify the air, but the reason I love them is because they create a beautiful ambient glow that has a calming effect.

To create a toxic free environment, I have also started using non-toxic cleaning products wherever possible. I have been using Method, and I have also discovered a few smaller natural cleaning brands via SuliBox, an eco-friendly subscription box.

Houseplants have also overtaken my home, making it feel more like a greenhouse! I love having plants in every room to help produce cleaner air – plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making them a natural air purifier. They also help to create a calm environment, especially in the lounge and kitchen.


This one may seem obvious, but living consciously means becoming more aware of your body and taking the time to look after it by keeping it moving properly, to not only strengthen your body, but strengthen your mind too.

I take a yoga class about once a week, and it’s probably my favourite hour out of that day. It’s a 60 minute session spent on focussing purely on how I am moving my body, settling my mind, and with no need for a phone or technology. It’s total bliss. Even if yoga isn’t your thing, find time throughout the week to look after yourself – put an hour aside to take a fitness class, go on a run or a walk, or simply pamper yourself at home. You deserve it.


Photography by Georgia Meramo.

*I receive a % of revenue from some of the links above.


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Living Consciously

This contains a paid for advertorial in collaboration with bareMinerals. In a personal effort to live more consciously, I wanted to provide you with the

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