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A Pirate’s Life For Me

As you saw yesterday, Tanya, Jim, Zoe, Alfie, Marcus and I spent a day aboard a boat in the Aegean Sea around Santorini. The second part of our day on the boat was mostly spent indulging in traditional Greek food cooked on board for us in the sunset.

The captain took us to a small, sheltered bay where above us in the cliffs was a tiny village populating only 200 people. We were told that every morning the village children ride their donkeys to the bottom of the cliff where they board a boat to take them across the sea to Santorini for school.

After jumping in the sea for the last time while the sun was setting, our dinner was served. The captain whipped up this meal in no time and we were all surprised at how good the food was! We weren’t expecting anything special (we were on a boat after all!) but the food was the tastiest we’d had yet since being on the island.

Greek salad, cous cous, fresh prawns and dips were laid out on the table. One thing that really stole the show was the Santorini fava. It’s a traditional Santorini dip that is made from pureed beans with onion, olive oil and lemon. Every last bit was scraped up and devoured from the bowl. I’m going to try to recreate this soon at home!

The next day, Marcus and I treated ourselves to a romantic couples spa treatment in a cave! Check back tomorrow for the next holiday blog post.


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