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How I Got Into Boxing

About two years ago I discovered how much I love boxing after I attended a boxing class called Kobox in West London. Since then I’ve been boxing one-on-one with trainers and attending boxing classes as often as I can, and I absolutely love it.

Kobox is a group class where you spend short intervals either on the bags or on the wall doing a circuit, and throughout the whole duration of the class you are swapping from wall to bag. It’s an incredibly upbeat, fun environment and after that first class, I realised I was so focused on what moves I was doing on the bags that I’d almost forgotten that I was working out!

That’s why I love boxing; it’s all about the mind. I am concentrating so hard on what hand I’m using, where I’m aiming my punch, the positioning of my feet and how much power I’m giving that I simply don’t have time to even consider giving up! And before I know it, I’m panting and drenched in sweat!

I then started training one-on-one with George at Bodyism, a boxing specialist who has won four national titles and represented England ten times. He really helped me work on my technique and I noticed an improved very quickly. Since then, I have been training with Mikah weekly, a personal trainer at Virgin Active.

I’m still very much a novice though! I wouldn’t say I’m particularly good at boxing, but I enjoy it more than any other workout, and that’s what exercise should all be about – having fun!

When it comes to what I’m wearing for boxing, it’s all about the support. I need a supportive sports bra* for all that skipping and hopping all over the place! I tend to wear a loose fitting vest over the top like this adidas tank* and some comfortable leggings that are sweat-wicking and enable ample movement. Here, I am wearing the adidas Ultimate Tights*, that tick those boxes. I also love the additional detail of a secret slogan that reads ‘before you quit remember why you started’ on the inside of the waistband, so that you have a boost of motivation before your workout.

Photography by Kyle Galvin.

Niomi Smart_Adidas_Aug 17_3F8A9215_WEB

Niomi Smart_Adidas_Aug 17_3F8A9308_WEB

Niomi Smart_Adidas_Aug 17_3F8A9174_WEB

Niomi Smart_Adidas_Aug 17_3F8A9195_WEB

Niomi Smart_Adidas_Aug 17_3F8A9157_WEB

Niomi Smart_Adidas_Aug 17_3F8A9240_WEB

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