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Food For Friends | Restaurant Review

Last week I was invited for dinner at Food For Friends to try out some of their new Spring dishes. I jumped at the chance, what with it being one of my favourite restaurants. Food For Friends is a popular vegetarian restaurant in Brighton with an ever changing menu of exquisite food. After looking forward to it all week long, I couldn’t have been more ready for a delicious meal. I already knew it would be delicious you see, it always is.

Every time I’ve been before I turn green with envy from the couple sat at the best table – located at the far end surrounded by windows making it a fantastic people-watching spot! It’s always reserved and I never remember to specifically ask for it when we go, so I was ecstatic to have gotten the chance to sit there this time! I am easily excited by the small details, you see. I took Marcus along with me as my lucky date to try all the food with me.

Upon arrival, I couldn’t resist the cocktail-of-the-day. Pink Lady was a mix of something delicious and something scrumptious. (I can’t remember the ingredients, but really does that matter when it tasted so good?)

To start, Marcus and I ordered the sharing Mezze Platter. I’m a big fan of picky, sharing food so this was a no-brainer. We started with homemade pesto and tomato bread, followed by the platter of deliciousness. It completely sums up Food For Friends with the abundance of flavours, colours and textures. 

Every mouthful followed by ‘MmHmm you have GOT to try this’, and ‘ooo what have you got there? Save some for me!’ 

I wish I could tell you my favourite part… It’s either the homemade falafel balls with the sweet chilli sauce, or the curried cauliflower with the tahini dip, or of course the potato, carrot and marjoram rosti that must’ve been made in heaven. But I really can’t decide.

Here’s a close up just in case your mouth wasn’t already salivating…

For our main course, Marcus chose the roasted aubergine stuffed with bulgur wheat and crispy, shredded potatoes. It’s impossible to describe the taste of the food here, because it’s a concoctions of many ingredients creating incredible flavours. You really just have to try it for yourself. It’s like a party in your mouth! Oh, did I really just say that.

I tucked in to a handsome portobello mushroom stuffed with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes with potato and carrot dauphinoise and homemade pesto. I’m sure there was a lot more in there too, like the creme fraiche on top, but I’ll be here all day listing the ingredients to you!

We were quite happy to leave it there and head home with happy bellies, but we were told that the desserts were their speciality, so out of politeness we took the menu. That’s when we spotted ‘Coconut and Black Seasame Arancini’. Both being coconut lovers, and slightly curious as to what exactly arancini was, we couldn’t resist. And oh my, were we glad we did! Imagine coconut rice pudding deep fried like donuts served with fresh mango, mango sorbet and fresh coconut. Yum.


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