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My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope wherever you are and whoever you are, you are feeling the love today, whether it’s from a partner, a friend or even if you’re giving yourself a bit of that self love that you deserve.

Here is my Valentine’s Day coffee date look.

This leopard print dress from Alice McCall* is fun and flirty with a cut out shoulder detail, but I’ve kept it casual by wearing it over a pair of wide leg jeans from Evidnt*, heeled boots from Karen Millen* and a Hill & Friends* mini shoulder bag.Niomi Smart_Date Night Look_3F8A0487_WEB

So, here’s the lovey dovey stuff. If listening to sickeningly in love people talk about how they met their partners makes you cringe, I would advise you to stop reading now!

I remember in October 2016 arriving at a pub in Fulham and spotting my date at the bar, I couldn’t quite believe that I was the lucky girl that he was waiting for. I was nervous approaching him, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to get to know him better.

I had a good feeling about him.

Niomi Smart_Date Night Look_3F8A0517_Graphic_WEB

It didn’t take long for my nerves to calm down once we sat down at our candlelit table and I had this incredibly gorgeous man sat next to me! We chatted for hours, with waitresses continuously asking us if we’d had a chance to look at the menu yet (which of course we kept forgetting about!).

After our meal we quickly burst out of our bubble when the overhead lights were turned on and we noticed the staff were sweeping around us, cleaning up at the end of the night. We were the only ones left! We had somehow been so immersed in one another that we had totally lost track of time.Niomi Smart_Date Night Look_3F8A0495_WEB

We still weren’t ready to say goodbye, and we still had a million things we wanted to talk about, so we left to find a bar nearby. Everything seemed to be against us because all the closest bars were closed and the only place we could find open was a dingy bar that turned out to be more of a nightclub for students! Nonetheless, we walked across the sticky dance floor and found a quiet corner where we sipped on our G&Ts and chatted about anything and everything through to the early hours.

It was one of the best nights of my life and I never wanted it to end. Niomi Smart_Date Night Look_3F8A0556_WEB

The best part is, our dates are still the same. Waiters usually ask us for our order multiple times purely because we’ve been talking too much and haven’t had the chance to look at the menu yet, and we’re often the last to leave. London restaurants are going to ban us soon!

Today I am lucky enough to be spending this special day for the second year with my valentine, Joe. Niomi Smart_Date Night Look_3F8A0532_WEB

Valentine’s day isn’t just about partners celebrating how much they love each other. It’s about any individual celebrating all the wonderful love that is in their life.

Take a moment to think about the people that truly care for you and are always there for you throughout the good times and the bad times, and consider how you treat them too. These people are our valentine’s.

My family, my friends, my partner – I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Niomi Smart_Date Night Look_3F8A0544_WEB

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Photography by Kyle Galvin.

Shot in The Library at The Laslett Hotel.


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