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Mustard Yellow for Summer 2018

Throwing on a bright and bold colour in the morning instantly makes me feel happy and confident. It’s truly amazing the affect clothes can have on our mood, but also how our mood can affect the clothes we choose to wear in the morning.

If I wake up feeling a little grouchy, I’ll probably choose something that’s more subdued in colour, whereas if I wake up feeling great, I’m more likely to choose the brighter colours from my wardrobe. Because clothes can have such a huge impact on how I’m feeling, I now try to consciously choose the brighter colours even on my ‘grouchy’ days to help bring me back to a good place!

I’ve been loving wearing this Mustard wrap blazer throughout Spring and now through to Summer in the evenings.

The blazer is from Zara earlier this season but I have linked below some similar items that I have found. I’ve worn it over a simple white top from ASOS*, a pastel blue bag from Coach*, skinny jeans from Lee*, and a pair of black boots from Karen Millen*. I’ve also layered simple gold necklaces from Ania Haie with gold hoop earrings.


Photography by Charlie Sawyer.

*I receive a % of revenue from links with an asterisk next to them.


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