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Winter Skincare Wonders

I find the Winter months are when I have to really take care of my skin. A combination of the cold weather outside and the warm central heating inside can dry up my skin and make it look dull.

I have been experimenting with a few luxury skincare products to help give my skin a boost over the past few months, and I wanted to share with you my absolute favourites that have done wonders for the health of my skin.

I have included cleansers, elixirs, serums and creams that will help you to also get that glow back before we enter Spring, because I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to wait any longer for dewy, healthy Summer skin!

I have listed the products below in the order that I would use them.

Niomi Smart_December Content_3F8A2219

1. Orveda Clay Mud Powder

I first discovered Orveda last year when I experienced one of their facials at Harvey Nichols. I’m going to have to point this out first, this is the most expensive brand featured in this post, however I wouldn’t feature it if I didn’t think it was worth the investment. I left the facial feeling like I had new skin, and since then I have been using the Clay Mud Powder* a couple of times a week to remove my makeup and deeply cleanse my skin. The idea is that you mix the powder with some water in a small bowl provided, and then use the natural sponge (that is also included in the box) to exfoliate your face with the mixture. The powder becomes a foam when mixed with water, and aside from the fact that it’s actually quite fun to use, it has the ability to instantly transform my skin from dull to radiant by removing impurities. Pricey, but I couldn’t recommend this product enough.

2. Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

Following on from a cleanser, I usually use a toner or micellar water, but then the Fresh Kombucha Essence* came on the scene and changed everything. It’s the first essence I have used, and a total game changer to my routine. The main difference I have noticed is that the essence is a beautifully silky liquid consistency that glides over the skin leaving it feeling luminous and hydrated but without the grease or stickiness. I love using this in the mornings before serums because it has natural anti-pollution protection and provides antioxidants directly to the skin thanks to the star ingredient – kombucha – a fermented tea that I also like to drink for the wonderful health benefits (I must specify that I do NOT drink the essence!).

3. Aurelia Revitalise & Glow Serum

We have all heard about the countless health benefits of taking probiotics, but what about using them for our skin? I met the lovely founder of Aurelia, Claire Vero, about 2 years ago and I was instantly inspired by her ethos on women’s beauty and skincare. Claire has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years and realised the benefits probiotics can have on our skin. Probiotics protect and restore our skin from within and help to reduce damage from pollution. To me, it makes total sense. This Revitalise & Glow Serum* has a gorgeous silky consistency and helps to give my skin a boost of radiance.

Niomi Smart_December Content_3F8A2159 copy_CollageNiomi Smart_December Content_3F8A2173

4. Fresh Black Tea Eye Concentrate

This is my night-time eye cream, the Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate*. You may be thinking it’s ridiculous that at 25 years old I own a product with the words ‘age delay’ on it, but personally I think it makes more sense to use products now that will help prevent premature ageing rather than frantically using products a few years down the line to get rid of the signs of ageing. I must say, lines and wrinkles don’t bother me, and if anything I’m actually looking forward to those years where I have the tell-tale signs of a life full of laughter and happiness. The reason I like this product is because it is rich in antioxidants from natural ingredients and the formula feels thick and luxurious, perfect for a bedtime treatment.

5. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream

My day-time eye treatment is also by Fresh, the Youth Preserve Eye Cream*. Again, it is about preserving youth by looking after the delicate eye area and this formula is incredibly lightweight, which makes it perfect for mornings before applying makeup. The high antioxidant content moisturises the eye area and reduces black circles, helping me to look more awake.

6. Orveda Rich Brew Botanical Cream

This is a beautifully rich formula that I like to use day or night. It is thick but doesn’t have that oily consistency that many rich creams have. What I love about it is that it’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, so when I’m feeling like I need something to truly nourish my skin I use this vegan Orveda Rich Brew Botanical Cream*. As the name suggests, it is packed full of natural botanical extracts that help keep the skin healthy and provides a lovely dewy finish.

7. Caudalie Beauty Elixir

To finish it all off, I give myself a spritz of the legendary Beauty Elixir by Caudalie*. Caudalie has been one of my favourite beauty brands for a long time, and one of my most used products of theirs is the beauty elixir. The plant based ingredients instantly nourish the skin and add that boost of radiance after completing a skincare routine. It also sets makeup, so I like to carry around the travel sized bottle in my bag so I can use it on the go and keep my makeup in place.

USE THIS ONE_Niomi Smart_December Content_3F8A2251

Photography by Kyle Galvin.

*I receive a % of revenue from links with an asterisk next to them.

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