Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday Style Guide

Black Friday has finally arrived and the mayhem has well and truly begun. We all know how crazy and overwhelming it can get out there this time of year, so I've put together a few of my favourite fashion items that are included in Black Friday to hopefully make your life - read 'shopping' life - a little easier.

I've covered party dresses, camel coats, faux fur, belted coats, shoes, and accessories.

So sit back, grab a cuppa and let's go shopping from the comfort of our homes away from the hectic shops outside. I hope you're feeling as smug as I am about that.

Happy shopping!







Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Autumn Style Post

Strolling through one of my favourite places in London, Notting Hill, wearing ripped jeans with cream and tan coloured accessories. 

The jeans and cream jumper make this a very simple look, but the trench coat from French Connection pulls the whole outfit together. I recently bought this cream jumper from & Other Stories, a shop I'm relatively new to shopping in. Their clothing is high quality and high fashion mimicking designer items, yet without the designer price tags.

Obviously being a shoeaholic, I've got to mention the shoes. Oh boots, how I have missed you over the past few months! These heeled ankle boots from Aldo are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end and look great paired with skinny jeans or dresses. They have a silver block heel making them slightly more unusual compared to other similar boots on the high street.

Photo Credits | Suzi Ovens

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Christmas Pudding Energy Balls

Now I know it's crazy to even be thinking about Christmas in October (and believe me I really do hate to be that person that's excited far too early!), but when it does finally come round December is always the most manic time, and that's why I've thought ahead and created these mini treats, perfect for Christmas day.

Every year in the build up towards Christmas I find myself religiously browsing on Pinterest for festive decoration and recipe inspiration. It's such a huge outlet of talented people sharing their creations to inspire others. Head over to my Pinterest Profile to check out my boards that range from my own recipes to Christmas decoration ideas!

I'm excited that this year I have been asked by Pinterest to take part in their 'Inspired by Pinterest' campaign that's running from 2nd-13th November. They have asked 12 content creators to come up with anything Christmas themed that can be pinned to be part of their campaign.

Of course I immediately decided to come up with some kind of festive recipe but I immediately took to Pinterest to get some ideas. I found several images of traditional Christmas puddings followed by a separate image of a Christmas pudding cupcake. I liked this idea of turning a classic dessert into something else.

Christmas Pudding, in my home at least, is one of the main events of Christmas day - after our dinner the lights go off and my Grandad brings to the table a flaming Christmas pudding in a puddle of brandy that sets the room off cheering and clapping. It's always quite an event!

As it's such an integral part of Christmas, I thought I would recreate the classic into a healthier, bitesize variation that's still absolutely mouthwateringly good. That's where I came up with these Mini Christmas Pudding Energy Balls!

They're so easy to make and will be perfect to take along to a party or to have at home Christmas day - I'm sure everyone will be pleased to have at least one healthy snack in between overindulging in the usual Christmas treats!

Photo credits | Suzi Ovens |

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Healthy Pumpkin and Chocolate Mousse

One of the many reasons why I love this time of year is the food. It's right about now that we start craving things a little heartier and richer during the colder evenings with delicious warming, Autumnal flavours such as cinnamon and ginger.

Many people ask me if I miss eating chocolate because of my plant-based diet. And the answer is no, of course not - I stuff my face full of chocolate most evenings! But because I don't eat dairy, I stick to the dark stuff or I make my own chocolate recipes using coconut milk instead of the usual main ingredient, dairy milk.

That's exactly what I've created here. A coconut chocolate mouse with pumpkin (I mean why not - it is nearly Halloween) and maple syrup. All of the ingredients have health enhancing properties, so indulge all you like in these delicious mini desserts.

It may seem strange using a vegetable, especially pumpkin, in a chocolate mousse, but with the creamy coconut, strong cacao powder and the sweet maple syrup you wouldn't even know it's in there. I love to use seasonal fresh produce in all my recipes and the pumpkin gives the mousse more substance and also provides many health benefits such as vitamin A for eye health and vitamin C to boost the immune system.

This is an incredibly quick and easy recipe perfect to whip up if you have friends round for a Halloween themed dinner party. You will need some kind of food processor or blender to create that smooth, mousse consistency. I use the Magimix 4200XL BlenderMix Food Processor that I couldn't live without now! You can do everything with it from making soup to chopping vegetables. However a blender such as the NutriBullet will work well too.

Watch me make these desserts in my video below!

Watch the video:

Photo Credits | Suzi Ovens |

Monday, 19 October 2015

My Home Pamper Routine

I often hear of people that spend a whole day at a spa to fully pamper themselves head-to-toe and do this on a monthly basis. I've always admired those people that go to such great lengths to treat their bodies, but I personally find it a little too time consuming, expensive and possibly not even that enjoyable.

That's why when it's time to treat myself, I prefer to do it in the comfort of my own home.

I've been using the Rituals Sakura range to create an at home spa to create that all important 'me-time'. Rituals make it easier for us to unwind and relax in our busy lives.

'Transforming everyday routines into more meaningful rituals'.
                                                                                                                                - Rituals

The Sakura collection is scented by Cherry Blossom, a light and fresh fragrance perfect for a spa session. Using products with a strong and potent fragrance makes it harder for me to concentrate on anything but the scent and can give me a headache - not exactly the best match for a relaxing Sunday morning! The cherry blossom from this collection helps me to unwind and clear my mind making me feel refreshed and relaxed.

Let me set the scene for you.

It's Sunday morning, and I've just woken up at around 9am without the usual sound of an alarm buzzing in my ear. The realisation hits me that it's my Sunday pamper day and I get that familiar Christmas morning excitement!

After spending my time making breakfast, I decide that the best way to begin my 'me-time' is to do 15 minutes of yoga. Rather than going to a class I use the app 'Yoga Studio' in my lounge. I put on my yoga clothes and roll out my yoga mat but before I start, I place the Rituals Spring Garden Fragrance Sticks out in front of me.

I find having the room smelling fresh and fragrant really helps me to relax. I prefer using these fragrance sticks to air fresheners because they generally last longer, are low maintenance and also fit in nicely with the decor of my home.

I'm no expert at yoga, but the class on the app is so easy to follow. I feel awake and well spirited but still relaxed.


Once I have finished my short yoga class, I take a shower. Although showers are such a mundane, unexciting part of our everyday routines, I've found by adding a few luxury products that treat our bodies, it totally transforms the whole experience.

First of all I use the Zensation Shower Foam. I squeeze a small amount into my hand and watch as the gel turns into a large fluffy ball of foam. There's something quite fun about using the shower foam and I can get a bit carried away lathering my whole body up until I'm looking more yeti than human!

After washing the foam off, I then start to exfoliate using the Sakura Sugar Scrub, particularly focusing on my arms to get rid of those annoying little bumps that I get. My Sunday pamper session is the only time that I remember to exfoliate because during the week I'm usually in such a rush to get ready that I totally neglect to exfoliate.

If I'm feeling like my body is in serious need of some TLC, I'll also use a small amount of the Sakura Spring Shower Oil to fully rehydrate my skin.

Once I've dried off, I smooth the rich and creamy Magic Touch Body Cream all over. This is a truly indulgent moisturiser that's silky smooth and sinks into the skin without leaving any greasy residue.

I now feel like a true pampered goddess! But the indulgences don't stop here... Let's get baking!

I make my new favourite gingerbread biscuits, and while I wait for them to bake it seems like the perfect time to read my book 'Wonder' by R J Palacio. Reading is my way of fully switching off to the real world and becoming submerged into the story being told by the author.

I light the Spring Garden Candle next to me. The combination of the burning candle and the fragrance sticks in the same room creates a lovely sweet and fresh scent.

After reading a couple of chapters from my book, the smell from the biscuits in the oven are calling my name! I grab a plate full of biscuits and return to the sofa to watch The Great British Bake Off. I mean come on, what else am I going to watch while eating my freshly baked cookies?!

Watch the video here:

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Photo Credits : Suzi Ovens