Sunday, 17 April 2016


As you are probably already aware, over the past few years I have discovered the importance of health and fitness and the huge impact it has had on my life both mentally and physically.

When I first started creating my own recipes about 2 years ago I posted a few of them on here and also on my YouTube channel, all of which went down really well and I was left with people asking me for more. I began noting down all of my recipes in a log book and set myself the challenge to one day publish them all in a cookbook.

It comes with such pleasure and pride to announce that I have written a cookbook of over 100 healthy, plant-based recipes that will be launching on 8th September this year, and is available for pre-order right now here! I also have a limited edition of 2000 signed copies, which you can find here, so quickly try and get one of those before they're sold out!

It has been the most incredible journey writing these recipes over the past few months, some inspired by my travels from around the world including Bali and Mauritius, and some inspired by British classics. The cookbook includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and drinks, all created by me with health being at the forefront of my mind to nourish the body, yet not at all lacking in flavour or indulgence.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to every single one of you for supporting me. Whether that's those of you that read all my blog posts without fail or those of you that are constantly interacting with me on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I feel so lucky to have this community of friendly, positive and inspiring people, that genuinely feel like friends.

So thank you! This book is my thank you to you for always being there, and I am positive you are going to love the recipes, whether you're just as passionate about health and wellbeing as I am, or even if you're not into healthy food at all because there really is something for everyone in here (including vegan jammy dodgers and pancakes!).

This is also the reason why I haven't been updating my blog as much as I would have liked to, but hopefully when I have a bit more time on my hands I will be able to regularly post again. I'm actually in the process of having my whole blog redesigned, so keep your eyes open for that!

The Details
Eat Smart will be out on 8th September
Pre-order available now

Limited signed edition

Missed out on a signed copy? Pre-order your standard edition of Eat Smart here

Not in the UK? Eat Smart will be available to pre-order worldwide soon. Watch this space for news!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

My New Workout Clothing

This year I have signed up to take part in the London Marathon in support of the charity Cancer Research UK. It’ll be my first ever marathon, (or sporting event of any kind come to think of it!) so I’m slightly terrified by the prospect, but also incredibly excited to be working with such a great charity.

As you may know, I am an ambassador for Cancer Research UK, meaning I work frequently with them on their various projects and campaigns. Running the London Marathon is for a brilliant cause and it would mean the world if you could donate to my page here! I haven’t yet set a target, but honestly even the smallest, tiniest amount will make the biggest difference so please donate what you can.

I’m currently running anything between 10km-20km about 3 times a week, so I’ve been in need of some new workout clothes that will keep me warm, enhance my performance and generally make me look the part! All the new items I’ve bought are from 4 different sportswear brands; Nike for the classic, professional running wear; Sweaty Betty for a more fashionable take on sportswear; H&M for the affordable basics; and ALO Yoga for their unique bright patterns.


This first top is a long sleeved, lightweight top from Nike with a high neck. It’s part of the AeroReact technology meaning when you get hot the fibres open to allow better breathability, and when you cool down the fibres close again to keep you warm.

I was drawn to this top by the turquoise colour because I love wearing bright colours while running and working out. It seems to always have a positive effect on my training compared to when I wear plain, dull clothes. It has mesh paneling along the neck and the back, and is reasonably priced at just £12.99.

This is one of my favourite running tops because of how lightweight and seamless is feels when it’s on, allowing for a smoother run. As it is specifically made for running, the hood stays up, which is something I always struggle with when wearing standard hoodies! 


ALO Yoga
I adore the bright, unusual patterns of the leggings from ALO Yoga. They’re so unique and definitely eye-catching! These are so comfortable too, I could wear them all day long. They also feature a small hidden pocket at the front, ideal for holding keys or a gym card.

These are the same leggings as above, but in a dark smoke pattern.

These look incredibly professional, and the science behind them is too. The blue markings map the muscles to compress them and keep them warm while training, so you can keep going for longer. 


(As seen in my video below)
This bra is perfect for any gentle exercise such as yoga. Typical to the brand, it has a beautiful blue pattern that makes this bra look lovely worn under open back tops and racer vests. Because of the low support I tend to wear this in the gym rather than running.

(As seen in my video below)
If you’re looking for a bit more support in a sports bra, try this Nike Classic Padded Sports Bra, which has removable padding inserts to provide added support and shape if you need it. I’ve found this one to be ideal for running in, and it also comes in various patterns and colours to choose from.


This jacket looks more like casual wear than sportswear. I love wearing this jacket to and from the gym to keep me warm but still look fashionable. 

I prefer wearing outer layers with a full zip at the front rather than a pullover because after a run when I’m hot and sweaty all I want to do is take off the layers as easily as possible without having to pull anything over my head and getting stuck!

Part of the Luxe range, this Sweaty Betty sweater looks good enough to wear casually on non-workout days. The material is so soft and I love the wide, high neck design. It has reflective panelling on the arms, giving it the luxe sport effect. 


(Featured throughout)
After having the same pair of running trainers for a very long time, I finally have new ones that are suitable for me. I went into the Nike store on the King’s Road where I ran on a treadmill and one of the consultants showed me which trainers would be best for my running technique. These are called Air Zoom Pegasus  32, and I have been surprised by how much they improve my running. 

These aren’t actually for running or working out, but I still wanted to include them in here because I’ve fallen in love with them! They’re the brand new Nike Flyknit Air Force One’s, launched only this week. They’re much lighter than previous generations and are so incredibly comfortable from the soft cushioning.

I’ve been looking for a new gym bag for a while, but I hate how ‘sporty’ they all look. I know that sounds ridiculous but I’ve never been too keen on how heavily branded some sportswear bags can be. I love this one from Sweaty Betty because it looks like it could be a sophisticated overnight bag as much as it is a sports bag. The bottom half unzips for a handy compartment to keep accessories in or a towel.

Running gloves are never going to look the most attractive, but I like these ones because they’re lightweight and fit well meaning you forget they’re on. This time of year it’s important to keep your hands protected from the cold and the wind to avoid getting dry, cracked skin.

Ears are another part of the body that need protecting from the frosty wind when running, so I found this one in a lovely colour that looks (relatively) good on!


Photographer Credits | Suzi Ovens |

Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Skincare Routine

These are the skincare products that I have been using for the past few months. Watch my latest video to find out what I like about each of these products!

Day Time Skincare

Night Time Skincare

Weekly Skincare

Kate Somerville Exfolikate

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Clarisonic Smart Profile

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Few Of My Favourite Festive Things

Here are five of my favourite things that I have been using, wearing, and drinking for the month of December that have got me straight into the festive spirit.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Love Bite K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick

I have a fair amount of red lipsticks in my collection, but not all of them have been exactly what I've been after. Some are matte but feel far too dry, some stay on the lips for approximately 5 minutes without even lasting after a sip of water and some are simply not the right shade.

This Charlotte Tilbury red lipstick is a classic bright red, with a luxurious smooth formula that can be easily slicked on to the lips, leaving a clean and even coverage. If you're going to wear a red lip at least once this year, I can't think of a better time than Christmas.

Charlotte Tilbury
K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick
- Love Bite -

2. Jo Malone Incense & Embers Candle

My home is rarely without a lit candle or two scattered around to create a warm, cosy feel. I try to keep them seasonal, and as far as Winter scents go my favourites are from Jo Malone. 

One of my favourite things at Christmas time is to be sat by a wood burning fire, snuggled up in a thick blanket and sipping on a cup of tea. Unfortunately in London I'm not lucky enough to have a real wood burning fire, but this Incense and Embers scented candle is the next best thing. The deep smoky scent creates a nostalgic feeling of warm Winter nights in at my family home. The absolute epitome of Christmas, to me.

Jo Malone
Scented Candle
- Incense & Embers -

3. PG Tips Capsules Raspberry & Apple

As mentioned above, one thing I love to do to unwind and truly get into the festive spirit is to sip on a warming cup of herbal tea while sat by the fire (and preferably watching Love Actually). PG tips have launched new tea capsules that can be used in your Nespresso machine, allowing you to quickly and easily make the perfect cuppa - no brewing necessary. 

There are four different flavours to choose from; Raspberry and Apple, Peppermint, Green Tea, and Caramel and Vanilla. My current favourite is the fruit infusion of Raspberry and Apple, it's sweet yet refreshing and full of flavour. This time of year is always busy and hectic, so I've been finding it so much more convenient making tea using my Nespresso machine that's quick and easy to use.

PG tips Capsules
- Raspberry & Apple -
- Peppermint -
- Green Tea -
- Caramel & Vanilla -
£2.79 (for 10 capsules)

4. Jacava Black Montrose Place Nail Polish

Of course I also needed to include in this post a festive red nail varnish. I have been wearing this deep red colour on my toes and fingers for most of Autumn and Winter this year. Last year for me was all about the sparkly nail polishes, but this year I've been obsessing over dark red shades.

I've found the Jacava nail polishes easy to apply and last a long time, which is always a must for me. The bottles are also pretty enough to keep on display in the bedroom or bathroom with their decadent gold tops.

Nail Polish
- Montrose Place -

5. Aveda Chakra Body Mist Set

Aveda this year have created some beautiful gift sets made with handcrafted green paper that have been made by communities in Nepal. Aveda are buying the paper from these people living in poverty to help support them. This particular box is a set of all seven Chakra body mists, that are usually sold in separate 100ml bottles. Each Chakra bottle is an authentic Indian infusion of essential oils, all holding different properties to balance the body ranging from 'Sympathy, Empathy and Love' to 'Creativity, Self Expression and Communication'.

I have linked below each individual bottle so you can discover the varying purposes of each Chakra. I love using these throughout the day and I find it interesting how different my choice is of each bottle during different times and days.

Chakra Body Mist
- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 -
£30 each for 100ml

This post is sponsored by PG tips.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Top 8 Little Black Dresses | Style

Now that we are well and truly in the midst of the festive season with Christmas parties filling out our diaries, I have created a list of my top 8 Little Black Dresses on the market.

For a long time I would avoid opting for a LBD for a party in the fear that I would blend into the background, looking like I'd gone for the easy option. However, I have now come to the conclusion that the LBD (if picked right) can be anything but unremarkable.

The Little Black Dress is classy, sexy and timeless. If you find the right one, you will stand out from the crowd, feeling confident and empowered.

The beauty of the LBD is that they're adaptable to your own personal style;
Add bright red stilettos or go for a casual chunky boot.
Accessorise to the max, or keep it clean and simple.

Make it your own, and OWN it!

I've been busy finding my top 8 LBDs currently available this season, ranging from different styles, at price marks and by different designers and brands. I've also found many alternatives to each category that you'll find below in the scrolling window.

The Casual Knit Dress

The Cold Shoulder Dress

The Pinafore Dress

The Embellished Dress

The Tux Dress

The Lace Dress

The Sparkly Dress

The Work Dress

Shoes & Lips