Friday, 12 September 2014

Wabi Launch

Last week Marcus and I attended the launch of a restaurant and bar in Horsham called Wabi. It's been around for a while but unfortunately caught fire a few months ago so had to be totally refurbished. It's even more beautiful than before. We were wowed from the second we walked in - there's nowhere else like it in Brighton (or the whole of Sussex thinking of it!). I arrived early to get lots of pictures of the place.

It's a Japanese restaurant that also serves cocktails in the bar. The food wowed us again. Not eating fish, meat or dairy I thought it would be difficult for me to find something to eat, but there were numerous vegetable dishes and vegetarian sushi rolls that were delicious, and the staff were very accommodating.

The others were served sushi, beef and chicken that I must say did look great.

The mushroom dish that I ordered arrived on a large leaf over a sizzling fire. It was one of the tastiest things I've had in a long time!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Brighton Food Festival

Last week I was happy to find out that the Brighton Food Festival was back again. Brighton is well known for offering a fantastic array of food and drink, so the festival brings together local food producers and independent restaurants and cafes to provide the best food all in one place. The festival runs for about 2 weeks but the main attraction is the market on Hove Lawns at the weekend! It usually works out that I'm away or busy over the food festival so I made sure that this time Marcus and I were free to spend Sunday exploring the food stalls.

We decided to walk the whole way around first to scout out all the different options rather than committing too quickly to the first thing we saw! I knew otherwise we'd fill ourselves up and then see something we wish we had seen before. There's anything from chicken kebabs to gluten free brownies. There's so much to offer that I'm sure even the pickiest of eaters would find something they love. Being huge olive fans we filled up a box full of different types and flavours of olives. We ended up spending an absolute fortune on them because we didn't realise they were going to be weighed, but at least we have at least a weeks worth of olives in our fridge now!

We found a juice bar called Muddles Beverages. At first I thought it was just a usual smoothie bar but when I looked at their menu I noticed it was a little different. They mix fruit with herbs! There are many different options and all of them provide health benefits too so you can decide what one you want based on the health benefits or purely by what one you think will taste best (oh, we got to taste almost all of the flavours too before ordering!). 

I chose the Pear and Rosemary Muddle, which is pear juice with lightly peppered rosemary mixed with vanilla beans and almonds. It was so yummy I slurped it down in less than 5 minutes! Marcus chose the Kiwi and Basil Muddle with avocado and banana, which was equally as nice.

I Am Wearing
Dress - Bershka, Sunglasses - Ray-Ban,
Bag - Longchamp

On a recent trip to town last week with Zoe, we discovered a tea shop called Bluebird Tea Co. They produce all of their own flavoured teas and even have a juice bar at the back where the juices and smoothies are made with their tea! I totally fell in love with the place and was delighted to see they had a stall at the Brighton Festival. I introduced Marcus to the brand and he loved it too so bought some MojiTEA tea bags (a blend of green tea, peppermint and lime).

An italian stall selling pizzas even had a real pizza oven at the back. The pizzas looked delicious, with many people walking around devouring them.

If you're from Brighton and missed the food festival this year, it'll be back at Easter next year so make sure you pop down even for a few minutes to see what's on offer! If you're not from Brighton? Well, a reason to come and visit!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Last Day In Santorini

For our last day in Santorini we made the most of the beautiful sunshine and the scenic pool. We knew we would be arriving to miserable weather the next day in England, so we spent the day soaking up the sun and dipping in and out of the water to cool down.

That night, we went back to Oia for one last time. Although we had been there for the past couple of evenings, there was still so much to explore. Being our favourite place on the island, we all decided it was where we would like to spend our last evening. Tanya unfortunately hit her toe that day so couldn't join us incase it was broken. At least it was the last night and not the first!

We found a beautiful restaurant called Floga, which we had only heard great things about. They were incredibly busy, but still managed to seat us at a table inside. A table outside would have been undeniably better with the views of Oia, but inside was pretty too. It turns out Floga was the first bakery built in Oia, and we were sat right next to the original oven!

The food was delicious and impeccably presented and it was the best meal we had had in Santorini. I chose the traditional Santorini dish called Fava as I mentioned in a previous blog post, 'A Pirate's Life For Me'. I knew I liked it from the boat trip and it didn't disappoint this time! Marcus ordered mussels, which came on a flaming plate served with lime jelly. Quite a show-stopper!

After our meal we were determined to find a little ice cream cafe called Lolita's Gelato that Zoe had heard of. We eventually found it tucked around the backstreets on a corner. It was well worth the hunt! Being vegan I didn't think there would be much to offer but there was a vast selection of sorbets. I had a scoop of the chocolate sorbet, which I would go as far to say was better than any ice cream I've had! It was so creamy you would never have thought it was a sorbet. If you ever happen to be in Oia, I would highly recommend a visit to Lolita's (if you can find it!). 

So this is the last blog post of the holiday. I feel almost as sad about it as I was leaving Santorini last week! I hope you have enjoyed reading all about my adventures in Greece. It's made me realise that I absolutely love blogging about travelling (I guess that's just an excuse to book another holiday!).

Hope you've all had a great weekend. Speak soon,

Saturday, 6 September 2014

One More Night In Oia

By our sixth night in Santorini, it was clear Oia had stolen our hearts! All of us agreed it was the prettiest town in Santorini, mainly due to the view. I loved the white buildings with blue roofs that crept all the way down the cliffside towards the sea down below. The town is like it's been made up in a dream and created in someones mind, it's so beautiful.

We spent the evening strolling around and browsing the local stores for trinkets and jewellery. The locals here are so friendly and happy to see you, always welcoming you into their shop. One shop keeper at a jewellers even asked me what temperature I would like him to turn the air con to - now that's a customised shopping experience right there! 

After finding a bite to eat at a small restaurant on the cliffside, we continued to wander around the cobbled walkways and check out the views from as many different spots we could find! Again, I couldn't help myself from taking hundreds of photos, so I do apologise for the hefty amount in these blog posts -  I hope you're enjoying looking at them as much as I am!

I Am Wearing
Dress - ASOS, Bag - Mulberry (Lily in Ballet Pink),
Espadrilles - Marks and Spencer, Necklace - Vintage Chanel

Tomorrow's blog post will be of our last day in Santorini. See you tomorrow! Much love,